New Job, New Focus

Well, it’s a little over the midway mark of 2014, and so much has changed in the first half of the year that it’s a complete blur.

I left my old job at Comcast for a great new role at Nike.  Much more consumer focus and I’ve been overwhelmed by awesomeness since my initial “running start.”

This also means I moved out of the Valley to Portland.  It’s funny, the experience and awe I’m getting in Portland is what I expected to receive in the fabled SV.  However, I don’t think I fit into the meritocracy equation just yet.  I’ll save that for another post when ready.

I also happen to find this area friggin gorgeous:

Photo Jul 26, 2 46 03 PM


Photo Jun 15, 12 29 51 PMI’ve also become a father, which has been the absolute most awesome experience ever.  I now get that whole “changed focus” thing people talk about.  This little girl is what it’s all about.

Ciao for now!