Busy busy busy…

I definitely need to use this blog more, but I’ve been so busy the past few weeks I sometimes forget.  I should probably use Omnifocus to create a weekly “write a blog” task to corral some of my thoughts.  On any note, expect some updates:

[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • getting a Leap Motion in the mail, finally, can’t wait to play with it
  • some upcoming changes, in multiple places
  • that update blog entry on organizing my daily tasks (thank you OmniGroup for making Omnifocus sync in the background)
  • updating mbu Creations to show off newer tech skills, long overdue
  • my ever evolving love of AngularJS, I also need to throw more books I’m reading up here, I wonder if GoodReads has a “social” embed…
  • attending Fluent Conf 2013, how did I not blog about this awesome conference?


I think that’s it for now, hopefully I force myself to actually do it.

[UPDATE] there is a GoodReads social widget, and many other things I didn’t know it could do