My new blog!

Since my old blog on mbu Creations is pretty much dead (and I’m working on revamping/upgrading that anyway), I think I’ll start a new one here.  I’ll keep it Tumblr-ish to keep it simple, but I won’t use Tumblr b/c well, I like having more control over my stuff and playing around.

I’ll do posts about general thoughts, things I’m tinkering with, and cool stuff I see around the internet (and in the real world).

This blog may not stay in this overly simplistic state.  Since I love messing around with anything web, I’ll more than likely use this as a test ground for something, be it cool CSS3, some HTML5 wizardry, or some funky JS, expect to see stuff change.

But in the spirit of rapid development, for now you just get quick and simple 🙂

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