Forward 4

So, in an effort to be more “engineery” (because you have to come from the right “pipe” to be “engineery”), I’m going to up my game and speak at some conferences.

To get my feet wet, I’m going to help TA with Brian Holt at Forward 4 in February (check out my horrible picture here).  We’ll be talking about React and CS fundamentals in general.

This should be lots of fun, and my first time talking in front of some a wide and broad audience.  Come check us out!

Nice new App Creator in ServiceNow

Well, I wish I would have had this at a previous job.  This is really nice approach to building apps in the system, and will definitely make it easier and quicker to build IT apps without muddying up the core application, and further “hindering people from trivial tasks”.  With the amount of hacking I used to do in there, I wonder how hackable this is in the sense of keeping everything contained.  I’ll probably do some tinkering with their demo site just to see.  Well done ServiceNow!

P90X? So 2012. Try the App Creator. | ServiceNow Community.

(Also love the new Santa Clara office building I saw a couple of weeks ago, guess that means no more “renting”)

[update]: Another tidbit one of my friends at the ServiceNow conference just sent me, a way to tie a real editor (Sublime in this case) into working with SN scripting:

Do it the MEAN way

After fully playing with AngularJS for a recent hack at work, I fell in love with it’s simplicity.  Using ExpressJS, NodeJS, and AngularJS together is awesome, but then I ran into some headaches (that I easily worked through) using Redis as the NoSQL db.  After reading this article, I think I know what I’ll be experimenting with on the next (next) hack day.

The MongoDB NoSQL Database Blog, The MEAN Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js.

Can’t get much simpler for quickly and nimbly building an app for a hack, and potentially further expanding it’s awesomeness.